Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Items!

Been working on a lot of new things! Go check out my facebook page:
Also, you can see some of the items I've completed recently here on my blog =) Go check them out =) I will hopefully be pricing things soon but if there is something you would like to buy let me know!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Stuff!

I've been working on some new items. A super cute Boutique Bag (Pattern By: Tangled Happy @ ) Love it! I've made 2 of them so far!! I also tried my hand as some Filet Crochet. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. The cotton is super fine, but it was fun to learn! I've printed a lot of new free patterns to start trying out! Now I just need people to start buying some of my items so I have room for more! LOL

I also, FINALLY, got myself a foam head and a size H and I hook that light up, LITERALLY, they light up! It's so cool. I haven't used them in the dark yet, but I'm going to. Believe me! Check it out...

I got some yarn too while I was buying the foam head and light up hooks (isn't she fantastic!???) I LOVE going shopping!!!!!! =) Go check out my Finished Projects page here on my blog to see the hats and bags I've created.

I also have finally created a Facebook page to share my items and also to try and sell them. Go check it out! and like my page! I'm currently working on getting 150 likes so I can do a give-away!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm in this awesome group called Crochet Fun on facebook. The ladies in there are so encouraging, they are willing to help when you have questions, and they are just plain fun! I only started crocheting in Oct of 2011 and because of lots of encouragement I attempted a beanie hat! Here's my son, Aiden, being my model...
This yarn is Simply Soft - Oceana. This is when I realized that either the pattern for kids head's is to small, or Aiden has a huge head! LOL
This is the pattern as the hat above, but it's in newborn size. While making this I thought of someone to give it to. Of course, when I left the house, I forgot to take it with me to give her for her newborn baby boy =( BOO on me, but hopefully I'll see her again soon to give it to her, otherwise I'll just make another one =)

Aiden wanted a "Lellow" hat and picked this yellow. I used one size bigger hook and it's fits him nicely with a little room for growth. Once I finished it though, he didn't want it LOL

This is a 6+ month hat that I had a friend ask for the child she is helping right now =) I have the scissors in the picture to give you an idea of the size of the hat. Unfortunately, the hat doesn't fit the little boy, but her sister is having a boy really soon so she's going to pass it along to her and I will be making her a new one =)

I branched out from the traditional beanie hat to a hat with a brim. When I was working on it a friends daughters were watching me finish it up and I asked the younger one if she wanted a hat she said yes in green. The older one said she liked this yarn, so I gave it to her...
So here is Miss Gabby modeling her new hat. It's a little snug (and once again the pattern said it was for an adult) It's she just precious =)

Here is the green hat I made for the younger sister, Vicky. I'm thinking it's smaller than the variegated hat for Gabby so I'm going to make another one. I did use different yarn and that could be my problem.

OH MY GOSH, I made this hat yesterday and finished it last night. I am in love with this hat! It fits me with a little room, which is awesome!!! My mother in law saw it and said she would take one in blue and orange (Bears colors, BOO! GO Packers!)

And this is me modeling my new hat (yes with wet hair!)

After posting my new hats on facebook yesterday I had a friend from high school who asked if I could make her the hat with the brim (like the green one) for her daughter! It was my first order and I couldn't be happier! Since I know her it makes it that much more special. I can always remember who my first order was from =)
I plan on making a facebook page to post just my crochet creations in hopes of selling some =) That is going to be my job this week (along with a few other things around the house, lol) I'm so excited to be doing something I love, and being able to make some extra cash from it is a bonus!!

(I keep looking at my blue summer hat and I just want to hold it, and squeeze it, it's just so stinking beautiful! I LOVE IT! lol)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Oh dear, have we been busy around here! Yesterday Mr. Aiden had his second Speech Therapy session which went really well I think. He behaved and that was my biggest concern because he's been a beast for me and Nate the last few days. During speech therapy, she had him practice animal names and sounds while playing a children's Cranium game. I need to find this game! He loved it. Then they worked on imaginative play because he doesn't do a lot of that, and it's important for children to pretend. So they pulled out McDonald's play food, then breakfast food, and then baking food. He had a great time. He didn't like the pretending, for instance, she told Aiden she was thirsty and would like some juice. She asked him to pour her some juice and he literally said "no juice, gone, no juice". He doesn't quite get the concept of "pretend" but after she modeled and prompted him he started to get it and would pour her juice and pretend to drink it. It was cute watching him. Next week she wants to take a "sound inventory" of him to see what sounds he has and doesn't have so they can work on specific sounds.

I've been busy working more on my blanket. Some days I get more done than others but I wanted to share what I have completed so far =) I'm really liking how it's turning out. I'm considering adding one more square to the length of the blanket because right now it's at an odd number so it's weird when trying to fold it. I can fold it in thirds but if I wanted to fold it in half it wouldn't work as well. Here's a few pictures!

The three colors joined together. This was my first time doing the "joining-as-you-go" method and I really really like it!!
My blanket is just under 7 feet long! I plan on adding a border with 3 or 4 rounds of the "granny stitch" so it will end up over 7 feet long (which means it will fit Nate, who is at least 6'1'' with extra room!)
This is to give you an idea of how big/small the granny squares are. My foot size is about 9 1/2 in women =)
Two rows done. I didn't want straight lines of colors so they will be diagonal =)
The blanket folded up in thirds.
A side view of the blanket folded. It won't be super thick when folded which is nice =)

I'm really excited for how it's turning out! I also want to share a cute little coaster that I made last night while laying in bed watching a movie with the hubby. 

I still want to add a border color around, but it's super cute as it is too =) The colors are pink and purple. And of course my pop obsession being Mtn Dew! lol

So that's what I've been working on the last 2 weeks and I'm super excited =) I'm hoping to work on a cute hat here soon because it seems that they work up quick and there are so many cute ones. So once I can figure out how to do a simple hat, I can work on some other cute ones!!

Later this morning me and Mr. Aiden will be heading to the library for Toddler Time. They will sing songs, read a book or two, and work on a craft project. And since I like posting about crafty things, I plan on taking my camera and sharing a few pictures =)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh dear

It's been a VERY long couple of days. My son has been acting out and not listening. Makes for a long, frustrating day. Luckily, I was still able to work some more on my granny square blanket. I don't have a picture right now to post, plus I want to add a little more to it so you get a better idea of how it's going to look =) But I just wanted you know that I haven't forgotten about my blog =) I'm still here, trying to make progress! Crossing my fingers I can work more on my blanket tonight after we get the little rascal to bed!!
Next post I will make SURE there are some pictures for you to ooo and ahhhh at =)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Trying to Be a Busy Bee

Well between yesterday and today, I have really tried to get back to crocheting. Being sick stinks and makes you lose all motivation to do the things you love! Darn cold. Good thing I'm kicking the cold's butt, still have a slight one, but it's way better! Wish I could say the same for Aiden though. Poor kid still had really bad congestion. I can't seem to find medicine that he can take that will clear that up for him so he can breathe and sleep better, but we are dealing day by day.
So anywho, I have started crocheting again. Unfortunately, I started ANOTHER new project. I just wanted to make some granny squares that didn't change color because I was finding that it is tasking to keep changing colors each round. Plus I wanted to make some small granny squares so I can practice a new joining technique that I haven't done yet myself but I see being done everywhere I look! Here's a picture of the 3 colors and the style of granny square I'm using for this. 
Yes they are small squares. For me, it's always hard to tell how big the squares are in a picture. So, in this picture the squares are sitting on a small, round bar stool if that helps give some perspective. Maybe it doesn't, but that's ok to. Believe me they are small. I am using a G hook and so far they are only 3 rounds. I plan on making them 4 rounds, but I don't want to start that round yet because I haven't decided COMPLETELY yet if it will be a white or black round. I'm thinking white to help brighten things up a little, but still not sure. Plus I want to try the "join as you go" method which requires to do just that...join as you go. So once I decide on a color I will attempt to do this. I will do round 4 on one square then start joining =) I honestly can't wait. I'm really excited!
I'm also really excited to be finishing up taxes by Tuesday and getting that sent in so we will get our refund so I can go buy some more of the colors I need for other projects that have already been started so I can further those ;) I'm sure my hubby is rolling his eyes every single time I show him the "New and Exciting Project" that I've started. LOL. To bad he doesn't know that I haven't started on my Easter Exchange gift for the fantastic group that I am in on Facebook =) Shout out to the wonderful ladies of Crochet Fun!!!! LOL So I will need to start that soon, but I already know what I want to make, it's just a matter of picking my colors from my stash of yarn I have ;) and getting started ;) LOL
Since this is my craft blog, I figured I could share a wonderful "craft" that my son made. It's more of a coloring page, but it's still fun to show off the things that he does. Here is a picture of his handy work =)
Believe me, he has done better, but I'm not sure where he hid those coloring pages, LOL. I'm hoping tomorrow he is feeling a little bit better so we can pull out some playdoh and make some fun stuff. However, if he is still really snotty, then I might hold off *cross my fingers for no snots!* 
I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and . . .

Until next time . . .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

and yet ANOTHER one . . .

So here I am, starting yet ANOTHER blog. This one I might be able to keep going though because it involves crafts!!! I love posting pictures of what I am doing and how things are progressing! So, here is my first picture:
I have made 2 of these lovely granny squares today. I've been out of commission for a few days due to a horrible cold. But I was bound and determined to do something today. So there you have it. You can see how small the squares will be since that is my son's hand holding the granny square! I plan on using 3 colors, the green, which is dark sage, violet, and a blue (I think it is denim heather). Then I will use white to join them =)

So there you have it, my first Craft-Mania Blog Post! YEA! Please feel free to post comments on anything!

Until next time . . .