Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Oh dear, have we been busy around here! Yesterday Mr. Aiden had his second Speech Therapy session which went really well I think. He behaved and that was my biggest concern because he's been a beast for me and Nate the last few days. During speech therapy, she had him practice animal names and sounds while playing a children's Cranium game. I need to find this game! He loved it. Then they worked on imaginative play because he doesn't do a lot of that, and it's important for children to pretend. So they pulled out McDonald's play food, then breakfast food, and then baking food. He had a great time. He didn't like the pretending, for instance, she told Aiden she was thirsty and would like some juice. She asked him to pour her some juice and he literally said "no juice, gone, no juice". He doesn't quite get the concept of "pretend" but after she modeled and prompted him he started to get it and would pour her juice and pretend to drink it. It was cute watching him. Next week she wants to take a "sound inventory" of him to see what sounds he has and doesn't have so they can work on specific sounds.

I've been busy working more on my blanket. Some days I get more done than others but I wanted to share what I have completed so far =) I'm really liking how it's turning out. I'm considering adding one more square to the length of the blanket because right now it's at an odd number so it's weird when trying to fold it. I can fold it in thirds but if I wanted to fold it in half it wouldn't work as well. Here's a few pictures!

The three colors joined together. This was my first time doing the "joining-as-you-go" method and I really really like it!!
My blanket is just under 7 feet long! I plan on adding a border with 3 or 4 rounds of the "granny stitch" so it will end up over 7 feet long (which means it will fit Nate, who is at least 6'1'' with extra room!)
This is to give you an idea of how big/small the granny squares are. My foot size is about 9 1/2 in women =)
Two rows done. I didn't want straight lines of colors so they will be diagonal =)
The blanket folded up in thirds.
A side view of the blanket folded. It won't be super thick when folded which is nice =)

I'm really excited for how it's turning out! I also want to share a cute little coaster that I made last night while laying in bed watching a movie with the hubby. 

I still want to add a border color around, but it's super cute as it is too =) The colors are pink and purple. And of course my pop obsession being Mtn Dew! lol

So that's what I've been working on the last 2 weeks and I'm super excited =) I'm hoping to work on a cute hat here soon because it seems that they work up quick and there are so many cute ones. So once I can figure out how to do a simple hat, I can work on some other cute ones!!

Later this morning me and Mr. Aiden will be heading to the library for Toddler Time. They will sing songs, read a book or two, and work on a craft project. And since I like posting about crafty things, I plan on taking my camera and sharing a few pictures =)

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