Friday, February 24, 2012

Trying to Be a Busy Bee

Well between yesterday and today, I have really tried to get back to crocheting. Being sick stinks and makes you lose all motivation to do the things you love! Darn cold. Good thing I'm kicking the cold's butt, still have a slight one, but it's way better! Wish I could say the same for Aiden though. Poor kid still had really bad congestion. I can't seem to find medicine that he can take that will clear that up for him so he can breathe and sleep better, but we are dealing day by day.
So anywho, I have started crocheting again. Unfortunately, I started ANOTHER new project. I just wanted to make some granny squares that didn't change color because I was finding that it is tasking to keep changing colors each round. Plus I wanted to make some small granny squares so I can practice a new joining technique that I haven't done yet myself but I see being done everywhere I look! Here's a picture of the 3 colors and the style of granny square I'm using for this. 
Yes they are small squares. For me, it's always hard to tell how big the squares are in a picture. So, in this picture the squares are sitting on a small, round bar stool if that helps give some perspective. Maybe it doesn't, but that's ok to. Believe me they are small. I am using a G hook and so far they are only 3 rounds. I plan on making them 4 rounds, but I don't want to start that round yet because I haven't decided COMPLETELY yet if it will be a white or black round. I'm thinking white to help brighten things up a little, but still not sure. Plus I want to try the "join as you go" method which requires to do just that...join as you go. So once I decide on a color I will attempt to do this. I will do round 4 on one square then start joining =) I honestly can't wait. I'm really excited!
I'm also really excited to be finishing up taxes by Tuesday and getting that sent in so we will get our refund so I can go buy some more of the colors I need for other projects that have already been started so I can further those ;) I'm sure my hubby is rolling his eyes every single time I show him the "New and Exciting Project" that I've started. LOL. To bad he doesn't know that I haven't started on my Easter Exchange gift for the fantastic group that I am in on Facebook =) Shout out to the wonderful ladies of Crochet Fun!!!! LOL So I will need to start that soon, but I already know what I want to make, it's just a matter of picking my colors from my stash of yarn I have ;) and getting started ;) LOL
Since this is my craft blog, I figured I could share a wonderful "craft" that my son made. It's more of a coloring page, but it's still fun to show off the things that he does. Here is a picture of his handy work =)
Believe me, he has done better, but I'm not sure where he hid those coloring pages, LOL. I'm hoping tomorrow he is feeling a little bit better so we can pull out some playdoh and make some fun stuff. However, if he is still really snotty, then I might hold off *cross my fingers for no snots!* 
I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and . . .

Until next time . . .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

and yet ANOTHER one . . .

So here I am, starting yet ANOTHER blog. This one I might be able to keep going though because it involves crafts!!! I love posting pictures of what I am doing and how things are progressing! So, here is my first picture:
I have made 2 of these lovely granny squares today. I've been out of commission for a few days due to a horrible cold. But I was bound and determined to do something today. So there you have it. You can see how small the squares will be since that is my son's hand holding the granny square! I plan on using 3 colors, the green, which is dark sage, violet, and a blue (I think it is denim heather). Then I will use white to join them =)

So there you have it, my first Craft-Mania Blog Post! YEA! Please feel free to post comments on anything!

Until next time . . .