Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Stuff!

I've been working on some new items. A super cute Boutique Bag (Pattern By: Tangled Happy @ ) Love it! I've made 2 of them so far!! I also tried my hand as some Filet Crochet. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. The cotton is super fine, but it was fun to learn! I've printed a lot of new free patterns to start trying out! Now I just need people to start buying some of my items so I have room for more! LOL

I also, FINALLY, got myself a foam head and a size H and I hook that light up, LITERALLY, they light up! It's so cool. I haven't used them in the dark yet, but I'm going to. Believe me! Check it out...

I got some yarn too while I was buying the foam head and light up hooks (isn't she fantastic!???) I LOVE going shopping!!!!!! =) Go check out my Finished Projects page here on my blog to see the hats and bags I've created.

I also have finally created a Facebook page to share my items and also to try and sell them. Go check it out! and like my page! I'm currently working on getting 150 likes so I can do a give-away!!!!

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