Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm in this awesome group called Crochet Fun on facebook. The ladies in there are so encouraging, they are willing to help when you have questions, and they are just plain fun! I only started crocheting in Oct of 2011 and because of lots of encouragement I attempted a beanie hat! Here's my son, Aiden, being my model...
This yarn is Simply Soft - Oceana. This is when I realized that either the pattern for kids head's is to small, or Aiden has a huge head! LOL
This is the pattern as the hat above, but it's in newborn size. While making this I thought of someone to give it to. Of course, when I left the house, I forgot to take it with me to give her for her newborn baby boy =( BOO on me, but hopefully I'll see her again soon to give it to her, otherwise I'll just make another one =)

Aiden wanted a "Lellow" hat and picked this yellow. I used one size bigger hook and it's fits him nicely with a little room for growth. Once I finished it though, he didn't want it LOL

This is a 6+ month hat that I had a friend ask for the child she is helping right now =) I have the scissors in the picture to give you an idea of the size of the hat. Unfortunately, the hat doesn't fit the little boy, but her sister is having a boy really soon so she's going to pass it along to her and I will be making her a new one =)

I branched out from the traditional beanie hat to a hat with a brim. When I was working on it a friends daughters were watching me finish it up and I asked the younger one if she wanted a hat she said yes in green. The older one said she liked this yarn, so I gave it to her...
So here is Miss Gabby modeling her new hat. It's a little snug (and once again the pattern said it was for an adult) It's she just precious =)

Here is the green hat I made for the younger sister, Vicky. I'm thinking it's smaller than the variegated hat for Gabby so I'm going to make another one. I did use different yarn and that could be my problem.

OH MY GOSH, I made this hat yesterday and finished it last night. I am in love with this hat! It fits me with a little room, which is awesome!!! My mother in law saw it and said she would take one in blue and orange (Bears colors, BOO! GO Packers!)

And this is me modeling my new hat (yes with wet hair!)

After posting my new hats on facebook yesterday I had a friend from high school who asked if I could make her the hat with the brim (like the green one) for her daughter! It was my first order and I couldn't be happier! Since I know her it makes it that much more special. I can always remember who my first order was from =)
I plan on making a facebook page to post just my crochet creations in hopes of selling some =) That is going to be my job this week (along with a few other things around the house, lol) I'm so excited to be doing something I love, and being able to make some extra cash from it is a bonus!!

(I keep looking at my blue summer hat and I just want to hold it, and squeeze it, it's just so stinking beautiful! I LOVE IT! lol)

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